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A crown can help strengthen a tooth when there isn’t enough tooth structure remaining to hold a filling.  A crown covers the tooth and helps restore it to its normal shape and size.
When would I need a Crown?

The tooth cannot support a large filling

A tooth is fractured, cracked or broken

Extensive decay exists

To improve aesthetics of discolored or badly shaped teeth

When a tooth has had a root canal

How is the procedure done?
The procedure requires two appointments that are typically scheduled 2 weeks apart.  The first appointment involves shaping the tooth, taking impressions for the laboratory to make the crown and placing a temporary crown on the tooth.  The temporary crown will remain on the tooth for the two week period while the laboratory fabricates the crown.
Two weeks after the crown preparation you would return to have the permanent crown inserted.  The temporary crown would be removed and the area cleaned and prepared final insertion.  Great care is taken to ensure the crown fits perfectly before it is permanently cemented.
It is important to maintain good oral hygiene and regular checkups and cleanings to keep your restorations and surrounding gums healthy and beautiful.

**We feel it is also important to let our patients know that all of our prosthetic restorations are fabricated locally by a well respected local dental laboratory in Williamsville, NY.  You can feel good about the quality of our restorations and feel good knowing they are all 100% American Made.**

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